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Nap time at the grandparent’s after scouring the kitchen for crumbs and the obligatory try at raiding the trash bin.  And yet she looks so innocent and cuddly.  #don’tbefooled  #sneakycute

music monday

David Bowie in 1969 and 1995. © 2014 . All rights reserved.

I was once asked, “Rolling Stones or Beatles?”  My answer was: Bowie.  Love him. Happy Monday!

crafted: master gardener

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While surfing the net, I came across this lovely documentary clip of master gardener Piet Oudolf.  It reminded me of my visit a few years ago to the Serpentine Gallery in London for Peter Zumthor’s Summer Pavilion, landscaped by Oudolf.  … Continue reading

scream for ice cream

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One of my favorite things to make for special occasions is an ice cream cake.  This time for a family birthday tonight.  It is really simple but so delicious.  All you have to do is plan a little ahead and … Continue reading

perfect day

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A very nice sunny spring day with tulips, ice cream and my little pumpkin : ).

new lens

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I got back from NY to find my tax refund had arrived : ).  So, I decided to spend some of it on a new upgraded lens for my Nikon.  It’s a Sigma 30mm.  I can hardly wait for it … Continue reading

whitney biennial 2014

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I headed over to the Whitney Museum to check out the Biennial right before heading for the airport this weekend.  I whipped through pretty quickly but I must say that I was pretty underwhelmed.  Here are some (mainly fiber related) highlights … Continue reading